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Star Wielders are capable of creating plasma blasts similar to the blade of a lightsaber. Flight They are capable of flying by generating plasma. Semi-immortality They can live forever unless they are killed by a lightsaber. Other types of kyber crystal weapons can hurt them, but not kill them.

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During the reign of the Galactic Empire in 9 BBY, an orange-bladed crossguard lightsaber-wielding individual dueled Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. The lightsaber wielder wore armor and was skilled with a lightsaber. The yellow-bladed lightsaber wielder was first pictured in the teaser trailer for the...

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Welcome to Star Wars Fanon. This Star Wars Fanon Wiki is home to the singular, unified Star Wars Fanon universe that absolutely anyone can help create; even you! To get started, just make a page and submit it for review. Together we can build an even bigger galaxy far far away.

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Welcome to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki! We're a collaborative community website that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! Community Founders: Write a good and paragraph-length ...

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The Wielder Of Balance Series is a series of Fanfiction Stories that is set in a universe where Anakin Skywalker did not turn to the dark side, but left for dead after a battle with Vader. A battle that nobody even knows took place causing everyone that Anakin once knew to believe that he is in fact the Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

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Masters A female Nautolan (Unknown name) Aquila Bridger, also known as the "Child of Light," was a female Qualari who embarked on a journey to fulfill her destiny as a Jedi and save the galaxy. Born on Drosmand, she was celebrated by her tribe due to a prophecy about her.

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Star Wars: Fugitives of the Force, alternatively titled simply as Fugitives of the Force, is an upcoming television series that explores the beginnings of the rebel cell known as the Hidden Path, which made its first appearance in the live-action television miniseries, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Path operates a web of safehouses crisscrossing the galaxy in order to direct former Jedi and other Force ...

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Enyo was a female Atoan Mandalorian warrior who lived during the era of the Old Republic. Enyo was a Atoan female whose outward appearance made her indistinguishable from baseline human females though she stood out among members of her own species. She stood at 1.8 meters with a fair-complexion, shoulder-length dark red hair and almond-shaped green eyes. As a Mandalorian, Enyo wore a set of ...

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Public address droids were fith-degree droids produced by Cybot Galactica. The droid was a black-and-white sphere, with a small red ring around the center, with two optical sensors on the top, and two megaphones on the side of the droid. The droid utilized a repulsorlift mechanism which allowed the droid to hover over a multitude of surfaces. Developed as a cost-effective way to notify mass ...

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Vesmir was a force-sensitive Nordian-Zeltron male Jedi Knight, who was once the Padawan of Jedi Battlemaster Shrrin. The son of human Jedi Master and Nordian Mandalorian, Vesemir was also the lover of Jedi Knight Syx and the clan brother of Mandalorian Kal Vizsla. Vesemir was conceived on the planet Nordia after a union between Jedi Knight Elaine Nejira and Nordian Elite Calus Drogo. Vesmir ...

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I am a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. I am a guardian of life. I am a Gray Jedi. Leor Danal reciting what would be the basis for the The Gray Jedi Code for the first time while in a Force Trance. The Gray Jedi Code was the mantra that all Gray Jedi lived by, similar to the Jedi code or the Sith Code.

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Kass Birr was a purple male Nautolan Jedi who was seen to be Padawan Khirdu La's friend. He was discovered on his home planet of Naboo, where he was brought to the temple by Jedi Master Centra Ne'anzar. He trained alongside his four best friends, Kal Cutrose, Ahsoka Tano, Khirdu La, and Delle Tardani. He was often referred to as brainy or a nerd. He perished during Order-66.

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Fanon is quite simply fan canon. It is an expanded mythology that is written by the fans. On this wiki however, the word fanon has a greater meaning. On this wiki, fanon refers to the singular universe in which all accepted pages on the wiki exist. If a page is in the Fanon category, it exists in the Star Wars unified fanon universe. This is why the guidelines and review process are so ...

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They were similar to a whiplash that carried on like a Force push. The great Warsaber was a massive lightsaber, whose Kyber Crystal was left unfound, and overgrown in the Planet Ilum. It had a wide handguard, a thick long hilt, and most notably, its blade was huge, resembling a Great Sword.

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Welcome to Star Wars Fanon, a community of fan authors writing stories set in the galaxy far, far away. Dive in today and post all of your fan-created stories, characters, novels, and more! FANDOM

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Here on the Star Wars Canon-Fanon Wiki, you can contribute to the adventures taking place within the galaxy far, far away by sharing your Star Wars concepts, be they for new films, television series, video games, or novels. We encourage contributors to this Wiki to fully embrace their imaginations in order to fulfill their writing dreams.

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Acting out of feelings is not the Jedi way! - Aquila Bridger Maybe Ill become a Jedi like you! - Haja Aquila was a female Qualari who left Drosmand at the age of six to become a Jedi and fulfill her destiny to save the galaxy. Aquila was born on the planet Drosmand, but lived most of her life on the planet Velle. Her entire tribe celebrated her birth because of the prophecy ...

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For years, fans have been referring to the Star Wars galaxy as the GFFA; an acronym of Galaxy Far, Far Away. When Del Rey set out to create a new galactic government near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, they christened it the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances as an homage to the fanon term. BBY/ABY calendar system

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A cold, snowy planet full of rich and spiritual minerals. Essential to the Sith and the Jedi, this planet was a subject of power. Malgus, a powerful Sith, decided to create his own Empire and attacked both forces with his own. Some Sith rallied behind him, hoping to gain something for themselves.

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Fanon is a slang term used to describe any event, character, story, or other aspect related to a story, that is conceived by a fan of the Star Wars universe, and applies to Star Wars. The term is... The term is a portmanteau of "fan" and "canon," and is sometimes used to be synonymous with "non-canon," which...

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The Force wielders were a powerful [11] highly intelligent species that was so in tuned with the Force that some believed them to be gods. The had no fixed form and could manifest themselves as any species they chose. They where from the planet Mortis, which was rumored to be the origin of the Force.

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Force wielders Category page Edit This category is for Force wielders ( canon) and Force wielders ( Star Wars Legends ). In other languages Trending pages Father (Mortis) Abeloth Son Daughter The Ones/Legends Force wielder Father (Mortis)/Legends Son/Legends All items (9) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other

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The Jedi Civil War was a conflict started by former Jedi Revan and Malak in the aftermath of the Mandalorian Wars. During their conflict against the Mandalorians, Revan and Malak were turned to the dark side and invaded the Republic, at the head of their own Jedi Empire.

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Transformers . Star Wars: The Transformers Wars is the new TV series of Transformers and Star Wars shown on Cartoon Network Channel. It is the first Star Wars and Transformers crossovers between each other. It's the first Transformers series where the Transformers are equal size to the Humans. Here in this universe is where the Autobots fight ...

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Darth Imperius, formerly known as Kallig, also known by the call sign Rage, and their titles Heir of Tulak Hord and Kallig and Master of the Dead, and worshiped as the Great Dragon by the Cult of the Screaming Blade, was a powerful Dark Lord of the Sith that served the Sith Empire during the Cold War and the Galactic War.

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Fanon:Avatar Star Wars Edit Zuko, something happened to Avatar Star Wars in the last hundred years. This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment. Avatar Star Wars General information Creator (s) Kuruk947 Genre Action, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Comedy Rating PG-13 Language English Chapters 61

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Star Wars Fanon Wiki. Explore. Main Page; Discuss; All Pages; Community; Interactive Maps; Recent Blog Posts; Recent. News. Rebels; The Force Awakens; ... FANDOM. Home Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Don't have an account? ...

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Davos Commits Murder is a short story in the A Saga of Two Friends series. It is set on the Morsian Protectorate Planet of Sol Infinius where Davos Poragon, a known troublemaker and petty criminal, is attempting to commit a mugging during the early morning, only for it to spiral out of control. In the fading hours of the morning, Davos Poragon is trailing a woman with the intent to rob her ...

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Dnyay Kurtaran Addam (English: The Addam who Saved the World) or Turkish Star Wars is a 1982 Turkish science fantasy martial arts superhero adventure film directed by Cetin Inanc, and starring Cuneyt Arkin. It was first released in November 1, 1982 by Ant Ticaret in Turkey, and later in 2005 by BijouFlix Releasing in the United States. The film to its notorious unauthorized use of ...

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The Toa Stars are the Toa I/Toa M that were given new Toa looks,as they are their true Toa forms,even with their old Masks (including L's),by the Power of the Blue Star (Twin of the Red Star.),after the revival of Toa Matoro. Jaller - The Fire Toa Hahli - The Water Toa Kongu - The Air Toa Hewkii - The Stone Toa Nuparu - The Earth Toa Matoro - The Ice Toa Gavla - The Light Toa Ressa - The ...

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Bionicle: War of the Skells is a TV Series about the Toa Inika/Mahri going on a new "bolder" adventure,then later change into New Toa look again,this time,power by the Blue Star,becoming "their true Toa forms",while taking on a new foe called: "The Skells". Jaller - The Fire Toa Hahli - The Water Toa Kongu - The Air Toa Hewkii - The Stone Toa Nuparu - The Earth Toa Matoro - The Ice Toa,revived ...

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Fanon:Heroic Misanthropy View source History Talk (0) Heroic Misanthropy ... Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) Optimus Prime (Transformers Film Series) Autobots (Transformers Film Series) ... Superpower Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. View Mobile Site

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