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The Vytal Armed Forces, also known as the Vytal Imperial Military, was the military arm of the Vytal Empire and consisted of various branches, such as the Vytal Imperial Army and Vytal Imperial Navy. Formed from the Imperial Military and the forces of many Imperial remnants, the Vytal Armed...

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The Vytal Imperial Navy was the naval arm of the Vytal Armed Forces. Created in 12 ABY, the navy initially consisted of warships, vessels and fighters made up from various fleets of Imperial remnants leading up to its founding, and what remained of the Imperial Navy. After its founding, the...

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The Vytal Empress, sometimes referred to as Imperial Queen, was the sovereign ruler of the newly established Vytal Empire and served as its head of state and head of government. Unlike the Galactic Emperor , the Vytal Empire did not possess absolute authority over the Vytal Armed Forces and instead allowed this responsiblity fall to the ...

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The Vytal Empire was an absolute monarchy oligarchy and successor state to the Galactic Empire established by Counselor to the Empire Annabelle Nakamura in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War in 12 ABY. As the successor state, the Vytal Empire was founded on the goal of revitalizing the...

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Vytal Industries was a starship, shields and arms manufacturer. During the Clone Wars, Separatist Captain Sur Marri commissioned the company for modifications to his flagship Raxus. Vytal Industries manufactured a series of starship-based weaponry, such as the V-115C quad turbolaser, V-HK5...

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With the Empire fractured and leaderless, the New Republic modeled itself after its predecessor and continued to hunt down the Imperial Military that still fought against them in the Galactic Civil War through its newly formed New Republic Armed Forces.

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Date of reorganization. 12 ABY, into the Vytal Empire. The Galactic Empire, declared as the First Galactic Empire, was the successor state of the Galactic Republic, forming at the end of the Clone Wars after Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine revealed the Jedi Order 's assassination attempt on his life. The Imperial Military served as the ...

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These sieges saw numerous defeats for the New Republic Armed Forces across all of their territories and tremendous losses in military personnel, ships and starfighters, as Project Starhawk did little to assist the New Republic in victories.

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The Imperial Civil War (6 ABY10 ABY) was a civil war fought between Imperial loyalists and various remnant leaders across the galaxy two years after the Battle of Endor. The civil war formally began in 6 ABY when Moff Royen had broken off from the council created by Annabelle Nakamura when he decided her goal to revitalize the Empire wasn't ...

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The Centran Armed Forces, abbreviated C.A.F., was the main fighting branch of the Centrality. Established as an organization for the selfdefense of the Centrality created in 2,000 BBY by a HuttRepublic treaty, it initially consisted of volunteers and mercenaries and was divided into a naval...

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The Imperial Armed Forces was the military arm of the Sith Order of Decreto responsible for controlling and maintaining the Sith Army's Sith troopers. Under the direct control of the Commander of the Home Fleet, the Imperial Armed Forces was the second-largest of the military arms, alongside...

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The title of Allegiant Warlord was a high-ranking military and political rank established within the Vytal Empire. Individuals with the title presided over High Command's Joint Chief meetings and commanded all branches of the military.

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The Ylesian Armed Forces, or otherwise known as YAF, were the military forces of the Ylesian Republic and their primary mission was to defend Ylesian Space. Originally YAF under Vong control actively fought against the New Republic and for a short time against the Galactic Alliance before...

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The Union Armed Forces, also known as Armed Forces of the Union Government, was the military arm of the Union of Earth States which was founded in 81 BBY. The Armed Forces were established by Jax Horain and constituted by the Constitution of the Union of Earth States .

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The Imperial Armed Forces, also known as the Imperial Military or more commonly as the Military or Armed Forces by Imperial citizens, were the unified armed forces and military branch of the Galactic Empire. It was formed in 19 BBY at the end of the Clone Wars from the pre-existing Republic...

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The Marshal of the Armed Forces was a political/military title given to an officer that led the Union Armed Forces and the Office of the Armed Forces Marshal, chosen by the Union High Council. Throughout the history of the Union Government, the Federalist Party made sure that the Armed Forces...

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The Dark Imperial Armed Forces, or simply called the Imperial Armed Forces, were the military and naval forces of the Dark Galactic Empire. Its structure was similar to its predecessor the Sith Imperial Armed Forces except it was more strict and structured. It operated from Korriban and Vjun...

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The Confederate Armed Forces were the primary planetary defense forces for the worlds of the Confederation of Free Planets.

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Vytal is a large island to the north of Vale . At the end of the Great War, the four Kingdoms negotiated and declared peace on the island. The concept of Huntsmen academies was first proposed at the negotiations of Vytal. Consequently, it lent its name to the Vytal Festival, a celebration of the peace and the diversity of the cultures of Remnant.

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Native to Utapau, this reptavian creature is commonly used as a mount which may climb the pits in which the Utai create their cities. Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Perception 1, Vigilance 1. Talents: None. Abilities: Silhouette 2, Glider (suffer 2 strain to count as a flyer for 1 turn), Silhouette 2. Equipment: Beak

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Yveltal (Japanese: Iberutaru) is a Dark/Flying Legendary Pokmon introduced in Generation VI. It is the mascot for Pokmon Y. It is Xerneas's counterpart. Tier: At least 3-C, likely High 3-A Name: Yveltal Origin: Pokmon Gender: Genderless Age: Unknown. Likely several centuries old at least Classification: Destruction Pokmon, Incarnation of Nature, Legendary Pokmon ...

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Sergeant Vandal was a Human male soldier who served the Galactic Republic during the Cold War. During the Ord Mantell Civil War, Vandal was able to coordinate an attack on the Separatist Stronghold housed within Mount Avilatan. Star Wars: The Old Republic (First appearance)

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