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A Terceira Irm, tambm conhecida como Reva, foi uma humana sensvel Fora que serviu ao Imprio Galctico como membro da Inquisio durante a Era do Imprio. Como seus companheiros Inquisidores, a Terceira Irm era uma ex-Jedi que se voltou para o lado sombrio da Fora e foi incubida de caar...

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Reva Sevander was a human female Force-sensitive who served as a member of the Inquisitorius under the title of Third Sister during the early reign of the Galactic Empire and briefly held the position of Grand Inquisitor. Prior to the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Sevander held the rank of Jedi Initiate during her time in the Jedi Order.

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May 24, 2023 Reva was a female Twi'lek who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. She was born on the planet Cularin, and lived on the world for all her life. During the Clone Wars, the Thaereian military was driven out of the Cularin system, and Cularin became a full voting member of the...

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Repblica Galctica Marinha / Exrcito da Repblica Revanchistas Imprio Sith Ressurgente Imprio Sith de Revan Mestres conhecidos Kreia

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You can't win, Obi-Wan! You can't escape him!Reva Reva Sevander (also known as the Third Sister) is an Imperial Inquisitor who appears in the Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Reva was a Jedi youngling who was present in the Jedi Temple during Order 66. When the clones raided the temple, Reva...

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Revan foi um antigo Lorde Sith homnimo da 3 Legio de Sith trooper [traduo necessria]s denominada "Legio Revan". Como a histria dos Sith era um mistrio para boa parte da galxia, apenas cultistas da Eternidade Sith de Darth Sidious sabiam da significncia desse nome. Star Wars: The Clone...

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Reva's double-bladed Inquisitor Lightsaber, also known as Reva's lightsaber and the Third Sister's lightsaber, was a lightsaber wielded by the Jedi hunter known as the Third Sister, also known as Reva, during her service to the Galactic Empire. It was similar in appearance to other double-bladed...

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Actor. Moses Ingram. Reva Sevander, formerly known as Third Sister, is the central antagonist of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, in which she is portrayed by Moses Ingram . A young former Jedi claimed by the Dark Side from the "the gutter" to be inducted into the Imperial Inquisition, Reva finds herself constantly belittled and berated by her peers ...

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Riva was the owner of a guest house in Telos IV, where Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi hid in. Jedi Apprentice: The Day of Reckoning (First mentioned) The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Wookieepedia

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Reva Sevander, also known as the Third Sister, is a Star Wars Minifigure set to be released in 2022. Reva Sevander was a Jedi Padawan during the events of Order 66. Surviving her wounds inflicted by fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, newly titled Darth Vader, she would be taken in by the...

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Star Wars is a multi-genre mythology and multimedia franchise created by George Lucas in 1976. Comprising movies, novels, comics, video games, toys, and numerous television series, the Star Wars franchise employs archetypal motifs common to religions, classical mythology, and political climax, as well as musical motifs of those same aspects.

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Reva Sevander, formerly known as the Third Sister, was an Initiate who trained within the Old Jedi Order under Jedi Master Minas Velti during the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Old Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance. However, when the war came to an end, in which Order...

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Revan View source [Source] "Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone." Malak [src]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan o terceiro livro da srie baseada no MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Escrito por Drew Karpyshyn, o livro foi lanado em 15 de Novembro de 2011. Ele tambm contm uma anteviso de Darth Plagueis. A verso de udio do livro foi dublada por Marc Thompson.

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The Revan Avner A cover identity name of the player's choice Origin Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Occupation Jedi Master Dark Lord of the Sith Leader of the Order of Revan Powers / Skills Intelligence Force wielding Charisma Lightsaber dueling mastery Military training Mechanics Vast knowledge of the Force Alchemy

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Characters that appear in the Star Wars franchise. Note: This category is only for other categories. It should not to be inserted on character pages relating to Star Tours, the sequel trilogy, the Anthology Series, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Resistance, The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and Star Wars: Obi ...

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Directed by Dave Filoni (supervising) Steward G. Lee Composer (s) Kevin Kiner Number of seasons 4 Number of episodes 75 ( list of episodes) Production Executive producer (s) Simon Kinberg Dave Filoni

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Revan was a Sith Lord and the namesake of the Sith Eternal army's 3rd Legion. Since the history of the Sith was kept hidden from the galaxy, only Sith cultists knew the significance of Revan's name. [1]

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Revanrenowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knightwas a Human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

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O homem que um dia viria a ser conhecido como Darth Nihilus sobreviveu a concluso das Guerras Mandalorianas, um conflito galctico entre o exrcito Mandaloriano e a Repblica Galctica. Foi dito que ele perdeu tudo por causa da guerra, incluindo amigos, familia e a vontade de viver.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (also known as Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker) is the ninth episode of the Star Wars franchise as well as the final installment of the sequel trilogy of the Skywalker saga. It's the twelfth theatrically released film in the Star Wars franchise, and was directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Kathleen Kennedy. Abrams also served as a writer ...

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Revan is the player's character in BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. The character may be either male or female, though Revan is canonically male and follows the game's light-side path. The player's choice of a male or female Revan changes only which characters the player character can fall in love with (as well as slightly altering the way some characters act ...

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Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide Affiliations: Knights of the Republic, The Sith Empire, The Sith Hero and villain, Jedi and Sith- all of these titles fit the Revanchist. The early life of the rebellious Revan is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that their power blooms during The Restoration Period under Jedi Master Kreia, whose ...

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