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Below is a list of fanon elements that have been included into EU literature and thus have become canon. Contents 1 Fan film 1.1 Stacy from Pink Five 2 Fan art 2.1 Shaala Doneeta 2.2 Hsiao vessels 3 Fan theories 3.1 Grievous's mask 3.2 Trade Federation founding date 3.3 Hand of Judgment 3.4 Trkata 3.5 "Endor Holocaust" theory 3.6 Endor Moon Hoax

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Expanded Universe authors occasionally adopted fanon. One instance of this was the 501st Legion , a clone trooper unit that was named after a real charity organization . The fanonor some elements of it, like the name in this casethereby became part of Legends continuity.

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The fanon page states that Han Solo being in the Imperial Navy was a fan idea. Anyone know anything about this? --Azizlight 21:53, 19 February 2006 (UTC) Far as I know, it's always been canon that...

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In the Legends continuity, the battle in which the plans were stolen was identified as the Battle of Toprawa by the Star Wars radio drama, taking place at Toprawa with the operation identified as Operation Skyhook.

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Mar 9, 2011 Maintained by volunteer editors, Wookieepedia documents content from the Star Wars Canon and Legends continuities, encompassing films, novels, games, and other media, as well as information of value to fans.

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This category is for elements, materials that have only one composition. Wookieepedia. Explore. Main Page; Discuss; ... Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis ... Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community.

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1 List of Tales stories with elements of continuity (talk - history - links - logs) 1.1 Delete; merge information with Star Wars Tales; 1.2 Keep; 1.3 Comments

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Fanon ("Fan Canon") Discontinuity is the act of fans mentally writing out certain events in a show's continuity that don't sit well, be it a single episode, a season-spanning arc, an entire season or even an entire series. If a plot or ending rubs one the wrong way severely enough, fandom can just decide that the offending events never happened.

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Both the first and second pillars are treated as official Star Wars continuity. The third pillar is anything generated by the fans, referred to by some as fanon (short for fan canon). As the year neared to the end, there was a considerable change of rhetoric regarding canon.

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Blogs Upnz 25 March 1 Element Ideas 1 -101-0 1.1 Neutrononium 2 2501-2600 2.1 Kuiperium 3 4501-4600 3.1 Fourleggedmium 4 5000-10,000 4.1 Lighghtium 5 10 Read Full Post Upnz 22 March 0 Kuiperium (this element is just a concept btw)

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Wookieepedia is a Star Wars Wiki which was started on March 4, 2005 by Chad "WhiteBoy" Barbry and Steven "Riffsyphon1024" Greenwood. It strives to be the premier source of information on all aspects of the Star Wars universe. This includes information from the Star Wars films and Expanded...

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Sannse says that the Star Wars fanon wiki needs someone trustworthy and capable as an admin due to the increased amount of vandalism. Is anyone interested? - Sikon [Talk] 08:02, 1 June 2006 (UTC...

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This database was sorted into five levels that reflected LFL's canon and continuity policies: G, T, C, S, and N. All levels with the exception of N formed an overall continuity that was considered by Lucasfilm to be the "true" Star Wars canon prior to the rebranding of the Expanded Universe to Legends in April of 2014.

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This category is for specific continuities, sagas, or universes of fanon authors. This list may or may not be consistent with Category:Articles by author. Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars Fanon Wiki (SWF or SWFanon) is a fanon and fan fiction Wiki of Star Wars. The purpose of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki is to provide a wiki that creative Star Wars fans can publish their own fanon articles to without being deleted like they would be at Wookieepedia .

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2.1 Trivia: 3 Multiple Elements 3.1 Trivia: 4 Fanon Multiple Elements 4.1 Trivia Normal Elements Fanon Elements Trivia: Credit for the Effect of the Wind Element and Windblight goes to Dry-Bawful. The Nature Element was created by MonsterHunterFlacko. The Aether Element was created by TheElusiveOne. The Void Element was created by Chaoarren.

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Star Wars movies, characters, and spin-offs are catalogued in Wookieepedia, a comprehensive database that anyone can edit.

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Jan 10, 2023 Fanon is a term used to described influential or widely believed fan theories about the fictional elements of a series. The term is a portmanteau of fan and canon (which is used to describe known facts about that series). Those fan theories are often speculation based on stated canon facts, but sometime only bear a tenuous relation to the facts as stated, and it is possible for fanon to ...

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Nomad Fanon. Directory: Main Article - Continuity - Timeline: Chapters: List of Chapters. Black Fire Pt 1: Four Years Passed - Black Fire Pt 2: An Important Night - The Secret Base - The Hidden Islands - The South Pole - The Great Gates of Azulon Pt 1 - The Great Gates of Azulon Pt 2 Characters: Common

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The Continuity Pathway specialises in change and concealment. To manipulate and mould themselves around fate, without actually manipulating the fate itself. In battles they gain an advantage in defence and agility.

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The Elder Scrolls Wiki: With over 70,000 pages, the Elder Scrolls Wiki surely will take you on a magical journey through Tamriel. Star Wars Fanon: The galaxy far, far away gets a little bit bigger with over 65,000 pages of Star Wars fan fiction.

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Boba Fett was a human male crime lord and former bounty hunter whose career spanned decades, from the fall of the Galactic Republic to the end of the rule of the Galactic Empire. Originally code-named Alpha, he was an unaltered clone of the famed Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett who raised the boy as his son. Boba emulated his father and genetic donor by wearing a customized suit of ...

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