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Star Wars Fanon in Russian, or , is the Russian-language Star Wars wikia of fan invention. Writers can create their own Star Wars adventures written entirely in Russian.

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May 10, 2023 The Star Wars Fanon Wiki (often abbreviated SWFanon or SWF) is a Wikia for Star Wars non- canon or fanon articles and fan fiction. Founded by Neomessiah on August 30th, 2005, the wiki contains more than 31,000 articles as of January 2011.

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Ikuwichl; Nate Shade; Aquila Bridger; Volcan Bridger; Star Wielder; Darth Imperius

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Fanon is quite simply fan canon. It is an expanded mythology that is written by the fans. On this wiki however, the word fanon has a greater meaning. On this wiki, fanon refers to the singular universe in which all accepted pages on the wiki exist. If a page is in the Fanon category, it exists...

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Ikuwichl; Nate Shade; Aquila Bridger; Volcan Bridger; Star Wielder; Darth Imperius

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Star Wars Fanon is the Star Wars wiki of fan invention, a place where anyonethat means you!can add whatever fanon and fan fiction works they want so long as they meet a few simple guidelines. The wiki was founded in 2005 by Neomessiah as a place where anyone who wants to write fanon/fan fiction can freely do so.

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The Star Wars Fanon Wiki (SWF or SWFanon) is a fanon and fan fiction Wiki of Star Wars. The purpose of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki is to provide a wiki that creative Star Wars fans can publish their own fanon articles to without being deleted like they would be at Wookieepedia.

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A rare type of Focusing lens used during the Old Sith Wars. It is a lens made from Sith Force Crystals found only on Korriban and its moons. This lens produces a flaming aura surrounding the stable flickering core of the blade and gives the blade a unique capability to wound targets not just physically but spiritually in the force as well.

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Biographical information Homeworld Corellia Born 17 BBY Died 75 ABY Physical description Species Human Gender Female Hair color

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This is a list of all the Wiki Staff and their positions. If you want to become a part of this awesome team, ask a staff member. We might have an opening! These are individuals who joined the wiki in its very earliest days. This position by itself doesn't really come with any power (except the Main Founder does... duh), just a bragging point really. Forrestib - Founder Skitti - Co-Founder ...

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Ikuwichl; Nate Shade; Aquila Bridger; Volcan Bridger; Star Wielder; Darth Imperius

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Korriban, known as Pesegam during the reign of Xim, and also known as Moraband by the time of the Clone Wars, was the sole planet in the Horuset system, located across the galaxy from Koros Major. It was the original homeworld of the Sith species and a sacred planet for the Sith Order, housing...

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"Ichilhittuska" combines the Sith word for Star, "Ichil" with the Sith word for Hawk, "Hittuska". So the name translates to "Starhawk" in Galactic Basic Standard. Ichilhittuska is only used in traditional Sith Duels or Kaggaths.

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Ikuwichl; Nate Shade; Aquila Bridger; Volcan Bridger; Star Wielder; Darth Imperius

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Zachary Kiston is a Resistance member and captain of the Star Runner. During his time with the Resistance in their fight against the First Order he acted as one of their greatest spies and participated in both the Battle over Batuu and the Battle of Exegol.

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Imperial Knight can refer to: Imperial Knight (der3000er) Imperial Knight (NGW), an imperial organization which fought in the New Galactic Wars. Imperial Knight on Wookieepedia

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Babalon was the second planet in the Mahorela System. It orbited it's parent star in the cold zone of the Mahorela System at 6.31 AU. It's clouds are varying shades of violet and it rotates on it's side. It has three volcanic moons each with Type III atmospheres. Seven thin rings also encircle the planet which were mined for resources. Babalon being a Gas Giant, was composed mainly of gases ...

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Fanon is a slang term used to describe any event, character, story, or other aspect related to a story, that is conceived by a fan of the Star Wars universe, and applies to Star Wars. The term is a portmanteau of "fan" and "canon," and is sometimes used to be synonymous with "non-canon," which...

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Ikuwichl; Nate Shade; Aquila Bridger; Volcan Bridger; Star Wielder; Darth Imperius

Kikwi - Zelda Wiki

The Kikwi are a race in Skyward Sword. They are small creatures that live in the Faron Woods of the Faron Province. They have plantlike material on their bodies, with which they use to camouflage themselves in their woodland habitat. The Kikwi are small, furry creatures that are a mix between animal and plant. Their bodies are a rotund, bottom-heavy pear shape, with their fur being a ...

Iwi | Gojipedia | Fandom

The Iwi were a tribe that inhabited Skull Island. As revealed in Skull Island: The Birth of Kong and Godzilla vs. Kong - The Official Movie Novelization, the Iwi were originally not native to Skull Island. Thousands of years ago, their ancestors inhabited the Hollow Earth and formed a bond with Kong's, worshiping them as gods. The Iwi and the Kongs eventually came in conflict with Godzilla's ...

Ikko Ikki | Total War Wiki | Fandom

The Ikko Ikki are a faction in Total War: Shogun 2. It may only be obtained through the Ikko Ikki Clan Pack DLC. The Ikko Ikki, the single-minded league, are inspired by their faith, Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, the true pure land, a sect founded by the monk and philosopher Shinran. Unlike other Buddhist monks, Shinran married and many of his descendants have been the high abbots, or ...

KiWiKaKi - Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia

KiWiKaKi was a former French Canadian Warcraft III player who played in teams such as mTw and Serious Gaming. He is currently a Protoss player. He is known for his very creative and intelligent play, popularizing use of the Mothership, and exhibiting creative use of the Archon Toilet even after patch 1.3 when it was nerfed.

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This page is under construction. Daristep Phax was a young man living in Tatooine who has endured more than his fair share of tragedy. After losing both his family & his ability to walk as a result of a traumatic childhood event, Daris was taken in by Donshe Shewol, a junk dealer. Despite his disability, Daris proved himself to be a valuable servant at his employer's junkshop. When his village ...

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Apr 17, 2023 "Star-Crossed" is a fan fiction story by 25Origami. It is [describe briefly of the story's flow, its characters and its plot.] [Miscellaneous details about real world events pertaining to it, and the release date and associate platforms]. The story was released in Archive of Our Own on April 17, 2023 and completed on April 30, 2023. This section has content which remains to be confirmed! You ...

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