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May 10, 2023 Brasso was a human male who served as a Grappler and Honor guard on the planet Ferrix within the Free Trade Sector, which he had long been a citizen of. He was a close friend of Cassian Andor, willing to rescue his friend from the pitfalls of his regrettable misadventures and dubious...

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The Phantom Menace; Attack of the Clones; Revenge of the Sith; A New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi; The Force Awakens; The Last Jedi; The Rise of Skywalker

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Hey Brasso, let's go!Rashi to Brasso Rashi was a human male who lived and worked on the planet Ferrix as a grappler in a salvage yard. In 5 BBY, Rashi was present in the salvage yard when a team of Preox-Morlana Corpos arrived on Ferrix. Rashi was also involved in the funeral for Maarva Andor as...

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Joplin Sibtain is an actor who portrayed Brasso in Andor. Andor "Kassa" Andor "That Would Be Me" Andor "Reckoning" Andor "Narkina 5" Andor "Daughter of Ferrix" Andor "Rix Road" Star...

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Brasso wielded Maarva's funerary stone as a weapon to knock down an Imperial trooper, before it was carried away from the scene by Rashi. Maarva's son subsequently made a commitment to the rebel cause. As part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, he aided in the theft of the Death Star plans. Behind the scenes "

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Brasso helps Caleen onto the ship after Andor broke her out of the Imperial headquarters. As the bulk of troopers and officers had been stationed outside to keep an eye on the parade, the corridors of the hotel were left mostly empty, giving Andor an opening to rescue Caleen.

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Nurchi was a human junk dealer that lived on the planet Ferrix during the reign of the Galactic Empire. In 5 BBY, hoping to collect the money that Cassian Andor owed him, he enlisted the help of Vetch to intimidate Andor. However, his attempt was unsuccessful. During an uprising on Ferrix, Nurchi told Imperials of Andor's arrival on the planet. While waiting in the hotel for the outcome ...

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Ferrix was an inhabited reddish, barren, rocky planet with very little plant life located in the Free Trade sector of the galaxy. It was controlled by the Preox-Morlana until it became occupied by the Galactic Empire following investigations of rebel activity. This eventually led to the Rix Road riot that saw the citizens of Ferrix fight back against the occupying Imperial personnel. Ferrix ...

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Brasso to B2EMO " Daughter of Ferrix " is the eleventh episode of the first season of Andor . The episode is directed by Benjamin Caron and written by Tony Gilroy .

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Brasso agrees, but embellishes the account with a story about Andor getting drunk and injuring himself, to cover for the scrape on his forehead. Hushing up a crime [ ] At the Corporate Security Headquarters on Morlana One , Pre-Mor Deputy Inspector Syril Karn informs his superior Chief Inspector Hyne about the death of two of his colleagues the ...

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Wilmon had been identified during the attack, and was able to escape Ferrix on a transport alongside Brasso, Caleen, Jezzi, and Andor's droid B2EMO.

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Paak and Wilmon free a grieving Caleen while Brasso drinks sadly. As Andor and Rael fly over fields, a shell-shocked Karn is roused by Sergeant Mosk who tells him they need to leave. While the young Cassian meets his adoptive parents in the cockpit in the past, Andor leaves with Rael on his starship.

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Brasso tells him to keep this news secret and find steam to no one. A disguised Meero and Corv walk through the streets of Ferrix while Wilmon assembles a machine. He looks to a hologram of his late father Salman.

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He was particularly close with Brasso, whom comforted the droid after Maarva's passing and stayed the night at their residence to keep the lonely droid company. Equipment B2EMO was squat and boxy, a red machine with black sensors that used wheels to travel towards his destinations.

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Undercover on Ferrix, he maintained full surveillance on the Andor household and its regular visitors, giving reports over his comlink on visits from Brasso and locking his eyes briefly on unknowing passersby.

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A burly, hard-working Grappler in the proud, self-made Ferrixian tradition, Brasso toils in the salvage yard, working long days dismantling starships. A close friend to the Andor family, Brasso is willing to lie for Cassian and often looks after Maarva during her son's extended absences.

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Braso (born: September 27, 2006 [age 16] [1]) is a Latvian YouTuber who uploads gaming/commentary videos about various subjects, but primarily about Andrew Tate.

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Barasso was a monster hunter who participated in a ceremony to inherit the Bloodstone . Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Monster Hunting Career 1.1.1 Bloodstone Ceremony 2 Personality 3 Abilities

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Jan 17, 2023 Brasso Wookieepedia Fandom Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Star Wars: Brasso (Grappler Outfit), was posted by JackSkellingtonMC.

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